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  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite (2)

    Zimbra is a comprehensive collaborative software suite that offers a range of features designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflow.

    At its core, Zimbra provides a robust email server and a web client, making communication seamless and efficient. It supports advanced message search capabilities, mail sorted by conversations, tags, user-defined folders, user-defined filters, and the ability to define personal options.

    In addition to email, Zimbra also includes a group calendar feature, allowing for effective scheduling and time management. This feature supports CalDAV, CardDAV and SMTP for messaging.

    Zimbra’s contact management system is another key component of the suite. It can synchronize contacts with open-source mail clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Evolution, as well as proprietary clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail.

    The suite also includes a document-sharing feature, which at one time featured an Ajax web interface that enabled tool tips, drag-and-drop items, and right-click menus in the UI. Today it has document sharing, chat, and videoconferencing.

    Moreover, Zimbra offers advanced features such as integrated anti-spam & anti-virus protection, real-time backup & restore, and hierarchical storage management (HSM).

    In summary, Zimbra is more than just an email server; it’s a complete collaboration suite designed to facilitate communication, enhance productivity, and streamline workflow.

    To learn more about Zimbra, follow this link on our website.

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